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Making Pink Lemonade

While I would like to believe that MAKING PINK LEMONADE is a buoyant tale about the triumph of the human spirit (if we're going to be grandiose about it), it's actually just an ordinary story about a willful young lady who wouldn't take no for an answer. Stubborn like that chick, this story just wouldn't go away, until I tried to tell it, however clumsily...

So...after I was struck by lightning more than a decade ago, life took on a whole new meaning. I went from complete disbelief to bewildered tears to grim obstinacy. Those initial few years were a real eye-opener and in MAKING PINK LEMONADE, I tried to pen down the sights and sounds I had encountered, as well as the lessons that I had learnt along the way. 

Structured like a conversation between the author and reader, MAKING PINK LEMONADE flips around a fair bit, sad in parts and quirky in others. To hopefully give a more accurate grasp of my wildly-swinging emotions then, I had included my journal entries from various moments during that time.   

MAKING PINK LEMONADE was launched in November 2009. It is no longer available on shops, if you would like a copy, pls contact me through the Contact page here.

Read samples from the book HERE.

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